TICA UMGA Series Surf Spinning Fishing Rod

Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod2Product Introduction

TICA brand was created by a company called Ever winner which manufactures finest reels and rods for fishing. New designs and models are created by TICA which lead the fishing industry. The rods and reels manufactured are engineering masterwork. Tica UMGA Series Surf Spinning Fishing Rod is a product created for pier fishing, jetty, sand surf and for large reservoirs. TICA is located in Kent, Washington.

Product Details

UMGA Series Surf Spinning Fishing Rod is designed with various features:

  • Cork tape handle which is non-slipping
  • The guides made of high quality and tough zircon
  • Hook keeper which is foldable
  • TC2 Graphite material which is vulnerable and robust
  • High strength and perfect actioned blank, which is light
  • UMGA Series Surf Spinning Fishing Rods are priced $60.00 to $65.37 and comes in two pieces
  • UMGA Series Surf Spinning Fishing rod comes in sizes like 10 feet heavy, 7 feet medium heavy, 8 feet medium heavy and 9 feet medium heavy.

Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod1Advantages

  • TICAUMGA Series Surf Spinning Fishing Rod has a warranty of one year from the date of acquisition.
  • TICA UMGA Series Surf can be purchased online and few websites offers free shipping
  • This rod can be used to catch big fish
  • TICA rods are available in a wide variety like Striper rods, spinning rods, wreck rods, fly rods, catfish rods, Bass and Walleye rods, Salmon and steelhead rods, down rigger rods, Kokanne rods, musky rods, boat rods, Sturgeon rods, Hawaii rods and surf rods.
  • Similarly TICA Reels are available different choices like spinning, fly fishing collector series, bait casting and saltwater boat and trolling
  • Fishermen using TICA rods can catch big fish with ease
  • TICA bifurcated further with Rod power, Rod taper, Rod length, Line weight, Sections, fore grip length, Rear grip length, Number of guides, Handle style, Weight and Price.
  • It is designed to catch bass and catfish
  • The order can be placed at a retail store or online. Some shopping websites offer a one day delivery, with no shipping charges


  • TICA has warranty on all products but it will be considered invalid if the product purchased has been damaged, misused, alternation carried out, accidents, wear and tear or abused.
  • TICA’s extended items are habituated to normal wear and tear, which is not covered by insurance coverage it also does not offer policy or coverage which is meant for rental or commercial use.
  • TICAUMGA Series Spinning rods are comparatively heavy


TICA Spinning rods are not easy; it is an art which requires attention to detail and experience to master it. It is important to learn fishing technique before one goes out on a mission. TICA Spinning Rod provides full service warranty and hence offers customer service to all its customers. For repair services, customers can contact the authorized dealer, or the service centers located nearby. As a part of the warranty and services of TICA, the products which require replacement should be sent directly to its Service Department. Any product exchange or warranty repairs are done by TICA, and do not authorize any distributors or dealers carrying it. TICA Spinning Rod has a nationwide network of authorized centers. For locations of product service centers, customers can visit the web site. TICA Spinning Rod is manufactured to inspire the passion for fishing.


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