Shakespeare Two-Piece Ugly Stik Bigwater Spinning Rod

Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod1Fishing tackle or going on fishing with your family and friends provides a big market and business opportunity. There are many different kinds of fishing rods, spinning rods, and other appliances useful for fishing. When you go in the market to get a fishing rod you will come across products that are either very expensive with low quality, or high at quality and money both. The two equipment reels and rods are the two very high-priced products in fishing.

Product Introduction

If you are looking for good quality, durable, multipurpose spinning rod which is pocket-friendly, then Shakespeare’s Spinning Rod is the ultimate choice.

The different kinds of products and equipment manufactured by the Shakespeare’s organization are of good quality and they are worth buying. I have used the fishing products for fishing different types of fishes with different size and weight, and not a single fish is spared due to any technical error in the equipment. It is a guaranteed good quality product.

Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod2Product Details

You can have:

  • Combo pack of Shakespeare’s spinning rod and Shakespeare’s reel
  • Shakespeare’s Ugly Stik
  • Latest Shakespeare’s stik lite
  • Penn Fierce Spinning Reel

For a beginner Shakespeare’s spinning rod and spinning reel would be the best choice. The angler could be used in the different types of water bodies like salt water and fresh waters. The best part of the Shakespeare’s Spinning rod and other products is that its versatility and sturdiness.

The medium sized Shakespeare’s spinning rod and spinning reel are appropriate as they are convenient to fish in a pond as well as in open beach. The best feature of the Shakespeare’s spinning rod is that it is made out of stainless steel which is sturdy and water friendly. There is no issue of erosion or premature breaking of the rod in between your fishing time. I have also used many kinds of fishing rods like ceramic guides, which did crack in between.

Strange as the name is, Shakespeare’s Ugly Stik Lite is light weight, thin rod which is indeed a stronger rod. It is great to hold and is strong enough to hold any weight of the fish. It has tip made out of fiber, which is flexible and highly sensitive. Even the holding part of the spinning rod has been given equal importance. In Shakespeare’s Ugly Stik Lite the base is made of cork handle, which gives a strong grip when you use the rod.

You will not believe this but Shakespeare’s Spinning Rod has given us a whopping 5 years of warranty on the equipment. Many tests have been conducted on the sensational Shakespeare’s Ugly Stik rods by hanging around 45 pounds of fishes and even the 55 pounds fishes with the rod intact in its shape and size. It is flexible and versatile equipment for fishing. The commercials have even shown its flexibility by bending the rod entirely, and it remained intact.

The flexibility, strength, and sensitivity of the rod are a result of materials used in making this rod. The graphite gives extra sensitivity as well as the fiberglass coating gives strength and flexibility to the rod. The appropriate length of the rod should be between 6’6” to 7’, which will be useful in all kinds of water bodies. It you opt for any less size, then you will have problems with adjusting the rod.

I would suggest, keep your rod straight and simple. Do not try to add any new joints to your rod. This will decrease the sensitivity and flexibility of the rod. It is not that Shakespeare’s spinning rod has entered in the fishing market recently. It is an old and experienced organization. In 1976, Shakespeare’s Ugly Stik was introduced in the market; still the products are in demand and serve the purpose dutifully. You will find all kinds of rod to catch all different types of fishes. It is very hard to find a combination of great quality, durability, and affordability, which this organization has made it possible.

Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod3Advantages

  • Shakespeare’s spinning rod has stainless steel body
  • Rods and reels are highly flexible and durable
  • Strong grip cork handle
  • Graphite for high sensitivity
  • Fiber glass coating for flexibility
  • Affordable price


Adding many guides on the rod can decrease its sensitivity


The Shakespeare’s spinning rods and all round Shakespeare’s spinning reel have proved to be worth buying and enjoying your fishing experience. Its flexibility and versatility has proved to be infallible every time. Therefore, suggesting or recommending this rod to your relative or friend is worth in all means.


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