Shakespeare Micro Spinning Rod

Shakespeare Micro SeriesProduct Introduction

Hunting and fishing is one of the best sports in outdoor activities. Fishing has evolved since ancient times. It has been carried out both by the normal as well as the elite class. The purpose being either survival or pastime; it has still lots of traits in its own. Fishing is at its best with the spinning rods. There are various spinning rods used for the purpose of fishing in both the freshwater as well as the saltwater. Depending on the features and durability, choosing one of the best spinning rods is not less than a challenge. Shakespeare Micro Spinning Rod have better feature as compared to other spinning rods and so is considered as one of the best spinning rods.

Spinning Rod and ReelProduct Details

Shakespeare Spinning Rods are the spinning rods with the graphite composition inclusive of ultra light actions and perfect light. It has handles offering full corks and cushioned hoods that come with the reel seat that are conventional. Stainless steel inserts are guided with the stainless steel in Shakespeare Spinning Rods. There are many spinning rods available in the market, but, ways of fishing could turn out to be extremely enjoyable with the ultra light fishing provided by the Shakespeare Spinning Rods. This product has variety of lengths and the actions that are capable of getting any species fitted. The lighter lines and the lures in the spinning rods are ideal for fishing. This item has remarkable reviews from the buyers and is also ranked as one of the best spinning rods. This product is basically a two piece rod made available at an extraordinarily outstanding price. The Shakespeare spinning rods are best to use for panfish, bass or also the fishing. It has smaller dimensions and is very much light in handling. It is almost 6’6’’ in length and offers great flexibility. When you plan on trapping a trout fish, losing on angle is something which you can never afford. And, for one of such reasons, Shakespeare spinning rods make a great deal for your fishing activities unlike the other spinning rods. The light mode offered by Shakespeare Micro Spinning Rod is well suited for the fish from 2lb to 10lb. With this, one of the best spinning rods, you can still plan on catching the fishes from 1lb to 3lb daily. A small yellow perch is also a blast to trap. This product will let you feel all of it.


Shakespeare Micro Series Rod

  • It comes with the rod guides which are top notch.
  • Backbone and length of the rod is not too soft.
  • It offers a good work.
  • It is capable of a great balance.
  • It is adjustable to the natural drift in the river and also has a great presentation.
  • Quality built is incomparable and affordable price makes it even better.


The perfection of the product does not let it speak about its flaws.


Buy this product and mouth along with a medium reel to offer you 300yds of test of 4lb for the purpose of trout fishing for the use in lakes. The 7 ½ foot spinning rods with light weight is an artistic tool in the open waters. They offer a very good presentation and precision. So, next time you go fishing do not worry. Just carry a rod tube of 45’’and a reel protector, strap it and zip it tight to your backpack. Dump it in your SUV’s back and experience the amusement and thrill of fishing like never before. No matter you catch small mouth bass or a large one; Shakespeare Micro Spinning Rod serves an ultimate answer.



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