Okuma Tundra Surf Glass Spinning Rods

Okuma Tundra Surf Glass Spinning Rods1Product Introduction

Is fishing on your mind? And are you looking for one of the best spinning rods? If yes, go for Okuma spinning rods. Fishing is a trait of precision and accuracy. Only the one with a smart eye for the trap can count on an enjoyable experience from fishing. But, not alone is the smart vision and an alert brain should suffice. Apart from this, an artistic tool is extremely important for a good catch. The perfect combination of a sharp vision, prompt action and best spinning rods is all you need to have for a pleasurable fishing experience.

Product Details

Perfectly suited for the actions pertaining to medium and heavy weights, it has a line weight ranging in between 10 to 30 while the lure weight ranging in between 2 to 8. It has a five plus reinforced tip with the guides that are double footed. They are created with the ceramic inserts and a stripper guide that is capable of being folded down. Okuma spinning rods have foam free that is EVA suffices and also the rear grips. The grip configuration is of slip butt with the butt cap being made of rubber. These spinning rods have the reel seats which are corrosion resistant and hooded too. This product comes with a year’s warranty to offer the complete value for the price. These amazing 80 actions Okuma spinning rods are a great pier or surf fishing rod with an extremely high durability of the construction and comfort provided to rear and the fore grips. The spinning rods of length 8 foot are ever ready for any of the big game of fishery. The blank construction of the rod is made up of an extremely durable fiber of glass and has two pieces. This phenomenal artistic tool is perfect for off shore fishing due to its durability and lightweight features. After putting a nice reel on the Okuma spinning rods, which would match the size of the rod, surf fishing becomes even more enjoyable. Affordable prices of these spinning rods are a great value for money. Easily casted with the 3oz sinker, these multi piece spinning rods can be boasted of their cost efficiency and features.

Okuma Tundra Surf Glass Spinning Rods2Advantages

  • Okuma spinning rods are the 3 piece spinning rods.
  • Easy cast.
  • Cost efficient.
  • Better distance can be covered for casting due to the dense rubber grips.
  • Flexibility avoids the jamming of bait in between the rocks.
  • Blanks of the spinning rods are strong enough.
  • Action of these best spinning rods is ideal for the casting of long distances.
  • Rubber grips that are thick and also non slippery offers better power casting distance.
  • Line travel in the first guide is quite easy because of its greater distance.

Okuma Tundra Surf Glass Spinning Rods3Disadvantages

  • Difficult to detach the rod sections.
  • While assembling, if the sections are happened to get pressed harder on each other, a vacuum will be created that can cause a great inconvenience.
  • Stocking of the sections demand complete removal of the reel which means the repetition of the entire assembling process all over again.
  • Materials used for the guide tend to catch the rust easily.
  • Heavier pole and thicker diameter.
  • Further tightening of the reel seat above the permissible range will damage the rubber that surrounds it.


The Okuma spinning rods are tainted with some kind of bad experiences as well. Yet, the overall quality and built of the Okuma spinning rods is good for dumping your backpack full of fishing tools in your SUV and hopping on a drive through.


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