Okuma Celilo Graphite Spinning Rod

Okuma Celilo Graphite Spinning RodProduct Information

The best thing about getting good quality spinning rod is to enjoy the ultimate fishing experience and catch as much fishes as you want. If you are beginner or new in the fishing world, then you tend to go for low priced fishing products. You feel that either cheap or costly, there is no difference. But as you start learning the art of fishing, you will realize that there is a difference in very basic functions like backlashers and snags. When you are using Okuma Celilo Graphite Spinning Rod you are the guy on winning end in catching maximum fishes.

The Okuma sticks are quite respectable in their performance. They have split rear end of the rod, which makes them little heavy. The length of the spinning rod is amazing. When you flip the rod and send it in the water body, you are at least 50% ahead of the rest of the crew. This gives you more excess in the deeper water. This results in getting more and bigger fishes. The spinning rod is sturdy and elegant.

I was able to catch several fishes around 4 pounds to 6 pounds easily with no extra force required. It is a great quality product at never before prices. You can easily catch hold of fishes like crappie, blue gill, and large mouth. The rod is nice and polished. When you grip it, you feel it very thin, but it is strong and sturdy. It is very good for trout fishing.

Product Details

The Okuma spinning rod and reels are elegant looking very efficient rods for fishing. They are dark brown with reddish tinge. The tip of the pole is very sensitive and grip is strong and sturdy. The best combination is Okuma spinning rod and spinning reel. The Okuma celilo graphite spinning rod has a one year warranty. The finishing and technical workmanship on the rod is done very successfully. You can very easily fish in flowing stream with 6’ of rods. The flexibility and strength of the rod is excellent.

Okuma Spinning rod is constituted with good quality matter and is best for trout fishing and panfish spinning. I have experienced that it is a study build yet delicate spinning rod which is amazingly affordable. It is highly sensitive and strong grip rod which is swift and smooth in action. The graphite shaft makes it highly sensitive spinning rod.

Okuma Celilo Graphite Spinning Rod has a cork handle which gives strong grip while fishing. The options of the rods vary from 7 ounce to 8.9 ounce. The Okuma Guide Select came in to the market in 2006. It is strong and sturdy spinning rod which has limited warranty period.

Okuma Celilo Spinning Rod

The following features of Okuma Celilo Spinning rod makes it invincible:

  • Graphite blanks increases the sensitivity
  • Reel seats are made from stainless steel
  • Guide inserts are of aluminum oxide
  • Rear cork grip for strong grip
  • Fore cork grip available
  • Hook keeper is made of stainless steel
  • One year warranty

Okuma Cedros 2 piece spinning rods are made for salt water fishing. It is made for long baits and fishing lures. It consists of stainless steel guides which are double food and they are strong enough for all kinds of challenges. The handles are shrink tube which give a good grip and are durable and dependable.

Different types of Okuma Spinning rods:

  • Okuma Scott Martin Signature TCS spinning rods
  • Okuma Helios Mini Guide spinning rods
  • Okuma concept C3-40X spinning rods
  • Okuma Citrix spinning rods
  • Okuma EVX-A spinning rods
  • Okuma Reflexion spinning rods

Okuma Celilo ReviewAdvantages

  • Good quality cork handle for strong grip
  • Graphite sensitive rods
  • Sturdy rods and reels at affordable prices
  • Attractive design


  • You can still feel high end anglers
  • Awkward grip feeling


The Okuma Celilo Graphite Spinning Rod is high quality rods and reels which give the best performance and durability. There are rod and reel combos, and Okuma spinning rods and reels of various types to choose from. You will get all types of fishing products at surprising rates and you can enjoy fresh water, salt water all types of fishing.


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